-Some Q&A’s below!-

1. What did you learn from UC San Diego? Maybe how did UCSD help you grow into the person you are today?Learning history from different perspectives – as taught in the MMW (Making of the Modern World) and humanities courses – has helped me be aware of the inequity that is persistent in our society. In the same way, I have learned of previous biases that I possessed and have worked in addressing them. What I used to think of, as the absolute truth, was a flawed perspective shaped by close-mindedness and an inflated ego. Exposure to different cultures in UCSD helped me become a more empathetic person and refrain from judging someone based on stereotypes.
2. What did you learn from the SACNAS chapter at UCSD by being an officer?Through passion and teamwork anything can be achieved. What seemed to be a dream for the founding members, became a reality. As of now, we have a strong-enough presence as an organization on campus; to be recognized by different educational departments as a club that promotes diversity in STEM. Our passion for promoting diversity in STEM – as well as everyone’s hard work – helped us endure through these difficult times.
3. What are your plans for the future? (they can be short term or long term, as much as you would like to share)I would like to take a gap year from academics and most likely apply for grad school next fall. In the meantime, I’ll work on my programming skills so I can get a job involving AI.
4. What are one or two pieces of advice you would like to give current UCSD students?It is normal to be ignorant, what is rare is to acknowledge it and work on it, as it requires mental strength and discipline. Working on our own biases helps us become a better human being and connect with others. Through this applied empathy, our society can heal from the scars of the past and build a better future.

Congrats, Daniel!🍾🥳
Thank you so much for all of your time & commitment to the SACNAS chapter✨

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